I Like Ralph Gibson’s website because of the dramatic home page image, as well as it’s ease of use and color scheme. This page gives ample information about the artist and his work.

I Like Mikhael Subotzky’s Website because of the way the portfolio page displays the images, I also like the simplicity this page also gives pretty good information about the artists work.

I do NOT Like Michael Wolf’s website, I think that the colors scheme is terrible as is the navigation and lack of information about the artist.

All 3 of the images below were captured by me. these images are the beginning of an exploration in mobile phone photography that is captured and instantly posted to the web.

© Justin D. Eddings 2010

© Justin D. Eddings 2010

© Justin D. Eddings 2010


Spring 2010 #4

I Like Lynn Saville’s website because it is simple and very easy to navigate.

I Like J Bennett Fitts’ website because of the very neutral colors and simple design.

I Like Jan Staller’s website because of the interesting flash animation on the home page as well as the layout of the gallery.

© 2010 Justin D. Eddings

I like this image because of the subdued color palette and the texture on the white wall.

© Justin D. Eddings

I like this photograph because of the sense of calm I get when I look at it. I also enjoy the contrast of colors between the orange (rust) and the blue/white paint.

© 2010 Justin D. Eddings

I like this image because of the bright colors and random imagery. I took this photograph about a block from Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee which is a very interesting area of the city which has an eclectic mix of industrial, commercial and residential establishments.


I Like the 3 Photographs that I took in Telluride because of the lighting situation in each photo.

I Like the 3 Photos because of the texture that is captured in each one, I also like the diversity between all 3.

Spring 2010 Post #1

I chose the following 3 images because I enjoy the lighting situations in all of them.

Wallspace Gallery Seattle Washington

Photographers Gallery NYC.

Photographers Gallery NYC.

© Justin D. Eddings 2010

I like this photograph that I took on Beale St. of the “Godfather” of the blues Clyde Hopkins because it reminds me of the conversation I had with him and how hard he was to understand.

© Justin D. Eddings 2010

I like this photograph because of the way the shadows fill up my footprints in the sand at the beach at Arkabutla Lake in northern Mississippi.

© Justin D. Eddings 2010

I like this photograph because the lighing creates a feeling that can only be felt in a music club when everyone has had too much beer. This image also reminds me of the great band (Midlake) that I saw my last night in Memphis.

Michael Wolf  from “Transparent City”

This photo shows a newly constructed highrise in chicago, I love the juxtaposition of the cold steel grid with the nice warm colors of the window coverings.

Aperture Foundation

This photograph shows an abandoned chevrolet dealership, I really like the way this image is presented, a lot of work was put into the construction of this building.

Robert Koch Gallery

Anna Collette – Dark Landscapes

I really enjoy the humor that comes out in this image. 

Sasha Wolf Gallery

I Like this picture because of how the blue around the door pops out and draws attention.

I really like the red in this image, I also like how much information one can received about this establishment just in looking at this image, (i.e. no smoking, no guns, no outside drinks)

I like this photograph because of the fact (as mentioned in previous posts) I have captured this gentleman in this image without his knowledge. This photo will stand as document that this man was in this place at the same time as me on a certain day.

Jordan Tate “Topeka, KS”

Wall Space


Manfred Muller “Hidden Cache No.1”

I really enjoy the use of the green color plane juxtaposed with the delivery truck, maybe this green is the actual color of the truck in this black & white photograph?

Rose Gallery

John Humble “Sunday Afternoon”

I like the colors in this photograph, from looking at the others in this series, I am unable to tell where they were taken however I like that it shows the reality of this place.

Rose Gallery

I Like this image that I took because like John Humble’s image above it is not immediately recognized as to what city, or even what country this was taken.

This image again like Humble’s above as well as even Tate’s really could be anywere.

I really like the way the lighting in this photograph shows the  texture of the deteriorated peeling paint.

Picture 1


I really like the ambiguity in this photograph, it is something that most people pass over and never give it a second thought.

Picture 2


I like this photograph because it is evident that it captures a moment in time that places the people photographed in this place at a certain time.

Picture 3


I Like the use of natural lighting in this photograph because it adds an emotion and visual drama.

My Photographs \/


I Like this photograph because like the photograph by Christy Speakman above it has ambiguity.


I Like this photograph because the un-natural light source becomes the main subject.


I like this photograph because it becomes very evident that I (the photographer) was in this place at the same moment as this woman, and can honestly say that it is something that will most likely never happen again.